About Us


Many of us ignore the role played by home architecture and design in shaping your moods. Comfy living spaces, luxury living, cutting edge designs, modular kitchens, custom made designer furniture, high end bath fittings, trendy fixtures alone do not define a home. A home is where one feels relaxed, happy and comfortable. It should meet your family’s needs. Hence, many factors need to be considered when planning and designing a home. For making your home cozy, inviting, and relaxing, your home should exude warmth, comfort and a lot of your personality traits. Thus light, color, ventilation and furniture can have considerable influence in getting a relaxed, welcoming and plush looking ambience for your home. Bright / dim light, warm / cold colors, natural/artificial ventilation must be effectively used to accentuate the qualities.

When it comes to home architecture and home design, most people give prominence to aesthetics. Though aesthetics do play an important role in creating a great ambience, we should actually aim for a home that is healthy, eco-friendly, and warm. A carefully designed home that makes good use of sun’s light and greenery would breathe clean and fresh air. Space management is one important element that needs careful attention. If space is not properly utilized, homes look cluttered and cramped, which in turn affects your mood. By implementing space saving ideas that make utmost use of the available space you can turn your house to a clean and spacious home.

Designerz Palette is an Architecture and Interior Design Studio that aims to make true your dream of a beautifully designed home. Tight budget or timeline, our forte is that through planning and prioritization our architects and interior designers complete projects without compromising on quality.

Our Partner

Sachin Kumar Bankapur

Sachin Kumar Bankapur is the silent partner and the anchor of Designerz Palette.  He is a strong support to the team and has helped us through good and bad times. His unfailing support and encouragement have always been a source of inspiration for all of us to better ourselves. His immense faith and confidence in the capabilities of the team have helped Designerz Palette to achieve success and ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Our Business Ethics

We DO NOT charge on Percentage basis but on Per SFT basis

NO hidden costs and NO additional charges

We CHARGE as per standards set by COA (Council of Architecture)

We CHARGE retainer fee for the designs but NO charge for revisions

Kindly Avoid

Negotiating beyond reasoning

Denying our rightful claim on design credits and photographic rights at the end of the project

Demanding a rough sketch

Requesting professional work at an amateur rate